Saturday, August 11, 2007

TYC Marks the one year countdown to Olympics in Delhi with one of the largest protest in Tibetan History

TYC marks the one year countdown for Beijing 2008 Olympics with one of the largest protests in Tibetan history. With more than 20,000 protestors present the protest assembled in Delhi clearly showed that Tibetans will not settle for anything short of complete Independence for Tibet.

Tibetans from Nepal and all corners of India made huge noise at Jantar Mantar, Delhi with slogans like, "Jaan bhi denge, khoon bhi denge, desh ki mitti kabhi nahi denge. (We will give our life, our blood but we will never give Tibet.)"

Flags, banners, T-shirts, hats etc. all made available to the people assembled added color to the protest. The numerous Tibetan flags held high by protestors as they raised their fist after each slogan was a sight that a Tibetan can never forget.

As the Indian government did not grant permission for the protestors to go to the Chinese Embassy, the protestors remained at the gathered location for whole day. I just want to say, it is a shame that Indian government is bending to Chinese demands and sad that even after 1962 India-China war and the numerous ridiculous claims that the Chinese keep making on Indian soil, the Indian government is still caving to China's requests.

I will put up pictures and links to video's of the protest soon. Keep posted.

Bodh Gyalo

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