Monday, August 27, 2007

The Darfur Hoax

This is a really well written and thoughtful piece. I recommend reading the whole posting.

By Stewart N. Thorpe (Ramognino)

Darfur, ladies and gentlemen, is a hoax. Hollywood is awash in the blood of bleeding heart messages opposing gross human right violations and mass murder in Darfur. Recently, a Wall Street Journal article "Lights! Camera! Influence" [Aug. 25-26] touched on Steven Spielberg's role to make their 2008 Beijing Olympics a remarkable spectacle. Spielberg became publicly accused by actress Mia Farrow in March of whitewashing China's image and their support of Sudanese government (ergo Darfur). In response, Spielberg suddenly writes a letter to Chinese prez Juntao saying he only recently became to "understand fully" of China's connection to Darfur. Baloney. What's really going on here?

Do you really think that a Hollywood King like Steven Spielberg never saw "Seven Years in Tibet"? Didn't even see it recieve nominations? Completely missed all the reviews and talks about it in Hollywood circles, gatherings, and events? That the Holywood activism of major celebrity and face for the Save Tibet campaign, Richard Gere, never crossed Hollywood heavy Spielberg's attention? Even minus Tibet, did Spielberg conveniently miss also the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 and the resulting massacre by the Chinese government? Click here to read the full article.


Pema said...

Thanks for pointing us to this piece by Ramognino. Spielberg does seem to be getting a lot of media approval these days for his apparent about-turn on Beijing's human rights atrocities. As Ramognino says, how could Spielberg not have noticed? - until Mia Farrow's nudge in the ribs opened his eyes to such things.

Rich Felker said...

I agree with the argument that America's concern for Darfur is really hypocritical, but I'm also sick of left wing wingnuts coming out and calling Darfur a "hoax" or "not a genocide" and saying that other countries have no business intervening in Darfur. The facts are quite clear that Darfur IS A GENOCIDE and the U.N. has a duty to respond as such.

Extremists urging non-action on Darfur because "America has no business interfering in Africa" are just as bad as the Sinophile academics urging non-action on Tibet because "America has no business interfering in China". Or worse yet, "Sudanese government is good because it's Islamic; Chinese government is good because it's communist." People need to wake up and rage against whatever injustice is going on in the world, not support it just because they sympathize with the race or religion or ideology of the persons committing it. This speaks to the whole thing about the NAACP standing up for Vick too...