Tuesday, March 27, 2007

China's investments in Tibet???

China to raise Tibet investment: "Critics say China is simply wanting to consolidate its hold on the isolated region, and in the process destroying a unique culture and a fragile ecosystem." Majority of the investment goes into extending the railway and building the fourth airport. This is a strategic military move in the case of war and it further accelerates assimilation of Tibet by mass population transfer of Han Chinese into Tibet's various regions that are not overpopulated with ethnic Han Chinese migrants. This is a form of ethnoreligious cleansing that has reduced Tibetans to a minority in their own country. Massive population transfer of ethnic Han Chinese who not only have a different religion (or no religion) and are ethnically different from Tibet will eventually favor the fluorishing of their own Chinese customs and way of life, while marginilizing Tibetans and their way of life.

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