Thursday, March 22, 2007


Since the new raillines in Tibet, China has strengthened its ability to plunder and loot Tibet's natural resources at a speedy pace than before. In the last few years, the growing number of western investors joining the exlpoitation of Tibet's natural resources have grown. In partnership with China's government, they are taking out resources worth million of dollars and in return have given nothing to the Tibetan people.

Noam Chomsky states referring to the colonization of India that, "India itself was the commercial and manufacturing center of the world in the 18th century...It's striking that over the centuries extraordinarily rich and productive areas have become the very symbols of hopelessness and despair -- such as Bangladesh and Calcutta. That's a typical feature of European conquest." (Rogue States, Pg. 160)

China continues its illegal occupation and colonization of Tibet and western corporations like Continental Minerals (Canada) partner with the Chinese government thus supporting and accelerating the exploitation of Tibet.

Please help put a stop to the exploitation of Tibet. Take action.
For more information of British and Canadian companies working in partnership with the Chinese government in exploiting Tibetan natural resources, check out this website.

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