Monday, December 26, 2011

Songs from Tibet

It is deeply inspiring to hear the soulful songs from the new generation of young seeds of Tibet. Their songs express the importance of the preservation of Tibetan language, religion and culture as Tibetans face the threat of extinction with the mass population transfer of Chinese into Tibet. It takes deep knowledge and awareness to be able to compose the songs that they have presented. Furthermore, the courage it takes to openly sing these songs in a Chinese occupied Tibet and to instill the Tibetan values that we share in common is a manifestation of the human spirit that can not be defeated by the use of force.

We are thankful indeed to these brave warriors of Tibet who through their music have touched the hearts of the entire Tibetan diaspora. As i see young Tibetans in exile share these songs in their blogs, facebook and tweets with deep admiration, it becomes apparent that Tibetans inside and outside Tibet share a deep connection through these music. These songs have struck a chord in us that reminds us of what it is to be a Tibetan and to be united as a nation in spirit.

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