Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tibet News Update

No reason cited for suspecting Tibetan in Sichuan soldier’s stabbing

(, Apr 01, 2009) — A Chinese soldier was stabbed in the back outside his barracks in Leshan county of Sichuan province on Mar 26. But even before the launch of any investigation, a senior police official in Leshan has said, on condition of anonymity, and without giving any reason, that the attack might be connected to Tibetan separatists, according to China’s official China Daily newspaper Mar 30.

The Leshan attack occurred just a week after another soldier was shot dead in neighbouring Chongqing city, with the assailant making off with his machine gun. The previous attack too was, without any evidence, suspected to have been carried out by alleged Tibetan separatists, although a massive door-to-door was launched and yielded nothing.

"The terrorists' purpose is to attract international attention as some Westerners still think the PLA entered Tibet to suppress, not to liberate," the Leshan senior police source was quoted as saying. He had said the attack involved just one assailant and occurred around 3am.

Chinese police beat Tibetan monk to death, try to put it down as suicide
The murdered monk was handing out flyers denouncing Chinese persecution, reminding readers about those killed in last year’s protests. After he was killed police threw his body into a ravine. In the meantime beatings and arbitrary arrests continue elsewhere. Conversely the authorities continue to heap praise on China for the region’s prosperity, a land where Tibetans now live in happiness and safety.

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