Monday, April 7, 2008

IOC chief concerned over torch relay protests

NDTV Correspondent
Monday, April 7, 2008 (Paris)
The Olympics Committee chief Jacques Rogge has said he is very concerned about the protests disrupting the Olympic torch as it makes its way around the world.

For the first time he has called for a rapid and peaceful resolution to the unrest in Tibet.

''I am very concerned with the international situation and what's happening in Tibet. The torch relay has been targeted. Violence for whatever reason is not compatible with the values of the torch relay or the Olympic Games. The International Olympic Committee calls for a rapid peaceful resolution in Tibet,'' Rogge said.

His remarks came a day after the security for the Olympic torch relay was breached several times in London on Sunday.

The security was breached despite a heavy presence of police. Full Article Link

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Anonymous said...

BS! They cannot stand a strong China. I am a chinese, I am fine with out human rights and our government and I do not need anybody else to tell me what to do in my house. Even there is issues in China, we have our own way to handle. Get used it - China is getting strong and will get stronger. Do not use human rights and other issue to hide your own agenda, every Chinese knows this!!