Monday, March 24, 2008

Over 400 Tibetan protestors arrested in Nepal

Phayul[Monday, March 24, 2008 22:06]
Amnesty International members among the arrested

Kathmandu, March 24: In three separate incidents, Nepal Police today arrested over 400 peaceful Tibetan protestors from Bouda, Pulchowk and Maitighar in Kathmandu.

Heavy security forces have been deployed in Bouda, Swayambhu and Jwalakhel, areas where bulk of Tibetan refugees, since early morning.

Nepali police arbitrarily arrested and detained around 70 Tibetans from the streets of Boudha earlier this morning; some of them arrested while traveling in public buses.

241 Tibetans were arrested from Pulchowk when they demonstrated and tried to go to the UN House at around 10.00 AM. Although Tibetans pleaded with Police that it was a peaceful demonstration and asked for right to express their views, as usual Police started taking them away forcefully and put them in Police vehicles and drove away. Many even sustained injuries after being baton-charged kicked and punched by police. Police even pulled away Tibetan activists, who resisted arrest, by hair. Full Article Link

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