Friday, March 21, 2008

Latest updates: Lhasa - Chinese Military duping the world by dressing up as monks

According to a very reliable source (from within the Peoples Security Bureau), since 19th March, Chinese military personnel deployed in Lhasa have been dressing up as monks for two main purposes. Firstly, military dressed up as monks are roaming the streets of Lhasa to give of the false image that stability has been restored in Lhasa (even though a Martial Law situation is still prevalent in Lhasa). Secondly, the military dressed as monks are also being used for surveillance purposes to crackdown on the protestors. For example, the military dressed as monks have been interacting with the local Tibetans to collect information, which they have been passing on to their authorities.

We can confirm that personnel from at least four of the military units (listed below) are involved in this duping tactic of falsely dressing up as monks:

1) Border Security (PLA) 2) Coordination Unit (PLA) 3) Military intelligence (PLA) 4) Peoples Liberation Army- 52 Division (formerly deployed in Gey-chik township, Nyingtri Prefecture)

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