Monday, March 31, 2008

Fernandes again raises China bogey

Economic Times

NEW DELHI : Calling China “potential threat number one”, former defence minister George Fernandes has criticised the UPA government for being ``bullied’’ by China and said that this was evident from the way India’s ambassador Nirupama Rao was summoned at 2 am by the Chinese foreign ministry...

Mr Fernandes, who has viewed China with suspicion, further alleged that ``India had sold out to China.’’ The former defence minister illustrated his point with the recent episode involving India’s ambassador to China Nirupama Rao who was summoned by the Chinese Foreign Ministry at 2 am over a security breach at the Chinese embassy in New Delhi. Fernandes said that the government should have advised its envoy to wait till the next day and said that the episode showed how New Delhi ``surrendered” over the issue. “Well, our government allowed it. It has no shame,” he said. He claimed that any other country would have asked the envoy to wait till the next day. On a question to whether India was being “bullied” by China, Fernandes said “absolutely, and it accepts it” Full Article Link

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