Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Canadian Engines Turn Up in Chinese Military Copter

By IAN AUSTEN in New York Times

OTTAWA, Oct. 22 — The United States State Department says it is investigating how engines made by a Pratt & Whitney subsidiary in Canada turned up in a Chinese attack helicopter.

The subsidiary, Pratt & Whitney Canada, said last week that 10 engines were sent to China in 2001 and 2002 under a Canadian government export license for use in civilian copters. But the engines, the company said, ended up in prototypes of the Z-10, China’s first domestically developed attack copter, designed to carry guided antitank missiles.

While the Canadian government plans no action against Pratt & Whitney over the military diversion, a State Department spokesman, Karl E. Duckworth, said the United States government was continuing an investigation into the company’s actions. He declined to provide any details, though American export controls prohibit providing certain technology for military use. Full Article Link

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