Monday, July 23, 2007

China Struggles to Repair Image

Associated Press
By JOE McDONALD 7/13/07

BEIJING - Stung by product safety scandals, Beijing is waging its own version of a corporate public relations campaign to repair China's battered brand name, an effort punctuated by the execution of a corrupt former drug regulator.

This week, Beijing's propaganda machine trumpeted decisions to tighten standards for toothpaste makers and food processors and to create a symbol to attach to food exports that pass quality inspections.

But can Beijing restore consumer trust after a series of recalls and warnings in the United States, Latin America and Asia targeting faulty tires, toys containing lead, drug-laced seafood, tainted pet food ingredients, toxic toothpaste and other hazardous goods?

Yes, though not yet, analysts say. They say Beijing faces a long struggle to assure consumers it has made basic changes needed to enforce safety in its sprawling export industries. Click here for full story

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