Monday, May 21, 2007

Teachings, Music, Graduation and Accidents

For me, this month started with the highest blessings. Attending the teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Wisconsin, I left Madison feeling spiritually empowered and radiantly happy.

Back in MN, I returned to work and looked forward towards graduation. Then came the 19th of May and it was time for the cap and gowns. With our graduating class of 2007 ready to walk across the stage with our college diplomas, I felt very happy for this small accomplishment and very blessed that I had all my strongest supporters (family & friends) in the audience with me.

What did I wear for my graduation? I wore a blue chuba and walked across the stage nervous anticipating that my chupa might get tangled with my feet and I might fall when getting off the stage.

So did it happen? Ofcourse, two steps done and my chupa gets tangled with my feet. I hold the railing tightly and take the next step anticipating the fall. Next step I hear my feet fall on the step loudly and with my hand ever tighter on the railing I balance myself. Saved?

Yes, saved from a glorious fall where over 3000 people are looking towards the stage. I took the next few steps ever carefully and saw a few professors smile with an acknowledgement of thier witnessing my good luck.

So that was graduation, next came the photo moments with family and friends. Heading off for lunch afterwards we were all worn off after the long day, but that is not the end.

By evening, I have already developed the pictures from Walgreens and I am driving out of the parking lot when a lady who is backing out hits my car. Obviously she failed to check if there was a car behind her and simply backed out into my car. A large dent on my rear passenger side door, I am not sure if I should be pissed off or just let it go and enjoy the completion of my graduation day without letting this get to me. I take the latter option.

I guess all the spiritual teachings are paying off. The month is still not over yet and I now have to get my car fixed and look forward to a new beginning and for India & Nepal.


An online friend recommended that I should post some Tibetan music. I thought I would start with the song Nyingtob nam ya mashu by Techung. If anyone wants to help me with directions on how i can post the song on my blog, please feel free to leave me a comment or email me. Thanks

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