Saturday, April 14, 2007

China on Darfur

Below are some links to a few interesting articles on China's public relations effort, Olympics 2008 and Darfur on a blog by Jeff Weintraub (University of Pennysylvania.) Since Tibet has been suffering under the hands of the brutal Chinese regime for the past 50 years, I am interested in the works of activists who are working to bring an end to the genocide in Darfur.

1. "Since 2004 New York Times columnist Nick Kristof has been one of the most consistently attentive, well-informed, and passionately engaged journalists reporting on the Darfur catastrophe. One of his central themes has been that apathy and despair are not the only available options in the face of this atrocity--and, unfortunately, this is a theme that needs to be reiterated steadily."
Targeted economic pressure on Khartoum CAN help Darfur (Nick Kristof)

2. "As Nick Kristof recently reminded us, the genocidal regime in Khartoum is vulnerable to political, diplomatic, and economic pressure through its foreign backers, supporters, and protectors." Genocide in Darfur - The Chinese Connection

3. "International embarrassment can sometimes be an effective form of political and diplomatic pressure." Why targeting Beijing's "Genocide Olympics" can help Darfur

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