Sunday, March 18, 2007

France calls to lift China arms embargo

It seems quite hypocritical for Miss Alliot-Marie to say that it is illogical not to end the European Union Arms Embargo, since China has also won the Olympics bid for 2008. Calling for an end to the arms embargo at a time when China's human rights records have worsened is shameful. The French and all the countries backing this proposal want to sell China the weapons that will be used on Tibetans and Chinese people. They want to make profit by supplying arms to a government that is currently committing horrendous crimes against its own people and the people of Tibet.
I am surprised that rather than calling for a protest of the Beijing 2008 Olympics, they want to also give them access to more advanced weapons. Lets not forget what happened in Rwanda, many of the weapons that were used to commit genocide there were bought from France.

France calls to lift China arms embargo
Posted: 15 March 2007 2301 hrs

TOKYO : France's defence minister on Thursday renewed her government's call to lift the EU arms embargo on China, denouncing opposition to the move as illogical.

Michele Alliot-Marie made the remarks in Japan, which with the United States has strongly protested French-led moves to end the embargo.

"There is a lack of logic in the position of some," Alliot-Marie said before a meeting with her Japanese counterpart Fumio Kyuma.

She called it "paradoxical" to "maintain the embargo for political reasons while at the same time giving China the Olympics, which are supposed to go solely to countries that respect international rules."

Alliot-Marie said lifting the embargo would not pose a threat, arguing that European and French rules on arms exports "are even stricter than the rules of the embargo."

Outgoing French President Jacques Chirac has been a chief proponent of ending the arms embargo, which was imposed after China's bloody crackdown on pro-democracy students in Tiananmen Square in 1989.

Japan and the United States have protested the move and voiced concern about China's military spending, which is due to rise some 18 percent this year. READ FULL ARTICLE


UW Madison SFT said...

Yangdon, this is Abi Scott from UW Madison SFT. Your blog is amazing!!! I've put a link to it on our blog: If you could also link to ours that would be awesome.

Also, I want to let you know about Chinese officials visit last week to the Capitol Building in Madison. They came because of a Tibet Day resolution the state government passed. It's a really amazing story - we are scaring the Chinese more here:

Tibet will be Free, *abi

Rich said...

Abi, thanks for sharing the link to your blog! What an amazing story!

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