Monday, March 5, 2007

China increases spending on military buildup by 17.8 % this year

As we all see the favorably media coverage that China recieves in several newspapers and magazines, including the Times, Newsweek, Wallstreet Journal etc. we must also look at the military buildup of China. The rising concerns over this increasing military buildup has got the US racing to ask for more transparency from China about its military.

As the spokesman for national peoples congress Jiang Enzhu said this sunday of the 17.8% increase in military spending, which amounts to 350.92 billion yuan (US$44.94 billion; 34.14 billion euros), shouldn't the US ask for something more than just transparency.

China is unlikely to be transparent about its military ambitions and buildup, however it is now a good time for US to reconsider many things in regards to China and the US trade deficit.

Please read The AP report below:

BEIJING (AP) - The State Department's number-two diplomat is urging China to be more transparent about its military buildup.

U-S Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte spoke in Beijing, just hours after the Chinese government announced its biggest hike in defense spending in over a decade.

Negroponte also said North Korea would be expected to live up to promises made in Beijing last month to close its main nuclear reactor and declare all nuclear activities by mid-April.

Negroponte was in Beijing to meet with Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing (lee zhou-shing) and other top officials.

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