Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Signs of enviromental destruction in Tibet: Yamdrok Tso lake used for hydro power by China has dropped in water levels

I got this photo's from this blog address Here it clearly shows the drop in water levels along the Yamdrok river. I always remember His Holiness the Dalai Lama's proposal to turn Tibet into a zone of peace where there will be respect for the environment, yet the continued illegal occupation of Tibet is resulting in serious damage to the envrionment. Below is the blog post from the website above:

Sent Photos of Yamdrok Tso to Australian Tibet Council

With the Beijing Olympics fast approaching in 2008, there is lots of focus on China’s human rights records and policies on the Environment especially in Tibet.

I sent a couple of photos to ATC, one from Michael Palin’s Himalaya Series taken at Yamdrok Tso and one I took in exactly the same place in 2006. The Chinese are using this very special holy lake for hydro power and keep saying there is no effect on the lake’s water levels. The two pictures show that simply is not true, in the space of two years the lake has dropped at least one meter.

Yamdrok Tso in 2004 taken from Michael Palin's Himalaya Series

This Photo was taken from the 2004 Himalaya Series with Michael Palin

Yamdrok-Tso 2006 en route to Simu La

This photo was taken early evening en route to the pass of Simu La - almost exactly the same spot as the Michael Palin photograph - see how much the water has dropped?

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